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No Refuge, No Care for Abused Children

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Sources say that as part of the deal in bringing United Care Foster Parents to Wings of Refuge, Craig Woods will have some type of Consultant title which likely includes some type of salary.  Sources also say United Cares’ Administrator Tamara Komashko will work there as a Supervisor.

Many United Care foster parents were led to believe they had no choice in where they would be going although this has probably been corrected by other agencies going through the Foster Parent list and trolling for business.

Groucho Marx used to have joke about never wanting to go to a club that would have him as a member.  This if you ask me is an apt analogy.   Would you want to join Wings of Refuge if they are so desperate for a lifeline that they would associate themselves with this pair?  Think about it, not only did a quarter million get stolen (the county calls it questionable expenses) under Woods’ tenure as CEO, but the pair basically washed their hands of any blame regarding the death by hammer of Viola Vanclief.

Maybe the killers (Viola Vanclief’s foster parent) home would have been properly monitored and investigated if the pair hadn’t been so worried about losing money.  Agencies lose money when they decertify foster homes.  Business had shrunk by over 30% in the preceding months so you tell me.

And from whom exactly does the county plan to collect the missing money from now that the golden goose is shut down by the end of the month?    Woods?  The Board of Directors who voted Woods a huge raise last year?

The transition into foster care Consultanthood (emphasis on the “Hood”) by Agency bosses after getting tossed out for malfeasance or worse is the time-honored way these miscreants keep the money coming from the backs of abused children.

Apparently California believes it a sanctified right for disgraced foster care bosses to continue to work with abused children.  But, uh, …These people aren’t being paid with private sector dollars!  Who exactly in state and county government do these people know that allows them to keep the good times rolling?

To repeat:  Those consultant fees to disgraced foster care CEO’s are paid with tax dollars!  These CEO’s continue to work in foster care with nary a slap on the wrist.

I’ll go out on a limb here:  The only contact these people should have with foster care is if they abuse and neglect their own children.  But that would be too simple right?

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