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Mark Ridley Thomas: Still Waiting. Did you Do Anything to help United Care?

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Did disgraced CEO Craig Woods contact you? Did you help United Care Foster Agency get off of Administrative hold before the death of Viola Vanclief?

If you made any calls or contacts on United Cares behalf, did you research first the kind of people you were helping? Did you contact county auditors, quality assurance or Anthony McDaniel’s who knew very well what was going on with this agency?

Oh, and about the remaining $200,000 that is still owed to us the taxpayer, who will pay?

Remember, United Care reached a settlement reported to be around $200,000 or over with the previous accountant in a best practices lawsuit.

However, instead of returning the money to the county, it was instead used for bonuses, the largest of which went to disgraced CEO Craig Woods.  A lot of the employees interviewed had no idea why they were getting such a large bonus, larger than anything they had ever seen.  Now we know it was most likely because that was the only way Woods could give a bonus to himself!

So do Woods and the Board of Directors have to make good on this still owed money?  Or do they just get to slink away, as Chicky Baby says… “No harm no foul.”

By the way, what about that?  Will anyone actually serve time? I know if I shoplifted a pair of shorts I would, but hey, what’s a quarter million amongst friends.

Silence speaks volumes, but well, I’m just asking.  Because um, I would like to know.

So please oh please Supervisor Mark Ridlely Thomas.  Tell us you were too busy planning your almost million dollar office renovations and 25 grand ads in Who’s Who in Crenshaw to have helped United Care in it’s hour of financial desperation.  Desperation that caused them to overlook all sorts of things…  Say it ain’t so.

PS:  Oh, and I got a question for you, and it may have nothin to do with nothin…so I’m gonna ask it hypothetically.

If a guy – lets say a guy who has a contract to provide services for abused and neglected children – anyways, lets say this guy has a perfectly legal business that sells for example, sex toys, or porn, or similar stuff imported from Brazil…well what I mean is, would this guy still be allowed to have a contract to run a foster agency?

How does that all work?  Because people keep asking me that.

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May 20, 2010 at 8:19 pm

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