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The Business Of Child Abuse: The Good, The Bad, The Corruption

The Real Abused Foster Children of Watts and Compton.

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The Business of Child Abuse

"...taking candy from a foster child."

The REAL Abused Foster Children of Watts and Compton!

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Article first published as The Real Abused Foster Children of Watts and Compton on Technorati.

Abused children; they are all shapes, ages, races, and colors.  Abused children arrive into foster care tortured, screamed at, beaten, shaken, slapped, whipped, ignored, neglected, raped, burned, sexually molested, driven crazy, and a million other things terrible to imagine and witness.

Adults perpetrate these horrible crimes towards children.  And the rub, after these crimes are perpetrated, other adults profits from them – legally!  Another rub:  Some of these profiteers (and honestly, this is what they are) are considered by many to be pillars of the community.  Employees, social workers, foster parents, they see this hypocrisy, and wonder daily why it is tolerated.

So these “pillars,” go on the radio, they pontificate about sacrifice and the various helping programs they run for abused children.  Unsaid and unnoticed, their financial cut from all these programs.

They ask for funds and donations from the community with little public audit or oversight, and none from family and friends serving as board members.

They attach themselves to any politician and community organizer they get their paws on to better add legitimacy.

They use race as a means to an end, with the end being money and prestige within the community of choice.

They take donations: Donations, donations, donations!  It is good to contribute to abused and neglected children.  But do it with a service such as tutoring or lessons, or if the donation is a physical object, insist that it makes its way to the foster child.

They give speeches at wonderful heartwarming self-congratulatory events.

They put spouses in charge while they themselves attend to their outside business interests, all the while continuing to collect six figure full-time salaries.

They continue to act as a consultant to other agencies after being booted from Los Angeles County for malfeasance.  Later they open up another agency in a different county because it remains all they can do and nobody stops them.  Should a person who “earned” a million dollars in less than 3 years from toiling in the trenches for abused and neglected children be allowed to open up a similar agency just down the street?

They get away with most of their gains while the county seems to content itself with a single year payback and liquidation of that ill-gotten condo.  What good does it do to pursue the law or sense of decency?

They have contempt for licensing and auditing agencies which are obsessed with various paperwork, forms, and signature issues while turning a blind eye towards financial malfeasance and questionable child care.

History has taught these “pillars,” how to manipulate books and employment records.  It’s not rocket science and they soon learn there is nobody for which they must account for their time.  Time cards are filled out like scrap paper.

Board Members – check signers – are friends and family with a long history of their own little deals which they believe is their right each and every year.

We have named some names this past year but not all.

Consequently, we have received threats of violence which is annoying.

Others have also received threats in the mistaken notion by these thugs that they were responsible for writing these truths.   There is a lot of money at stake, and we know what people will do for money.

We have also received a lot of support from county and agency officials current and retired and all understandably afraid to attach their name or go on the record about any of this.

Los Angeles county officials know all of this and their limited efforts to change things for the better have failed, utterly failed.

There are a lot of reasons for this inaction.  Apathy, investigative costs vs. benefits, multicultural politics, stupidity and self-preservation for being part of the pathetic mess.  For what could be more pathetic than taking candy from foster children?

One cannot complain about media distortions.  Facts have to be reported before they can be manipulated or denied.  Apathy by news sources seems a bit incomprehensible, since the amounts of money siphoned from abused and neglected children associated with just a few agencies exceeds the yearly totals looted from the city of Bell California.

Maybe the Feds should investigate since our local authorities don’t seem to be doing much of a job. With all the billions at stake you would think there would be some type of federal consent decree.

It’s not sexy, it’s not much written about, and sometimes we despair there will ever be a light shined on this pathetic malfeasance.

Working with abused and neglected foster children is a calling.  Working with these children is not a right.  It is not means towards salaries of many hundreds of thousands.

It is not a business built up until a relative or spouse is installed to run things while keeping a six figure salary, but concentrate the majority of your time on personal and private affairs.

It may be the family business, but it is not a private company.  The Business of Child Abuse is our business, it is our concern, it is our money, and it is our children who suffer.

And taking money from them must be answered for.

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March 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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