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The Business Of Child Abuse: The Good, The Bad, The Corruption

For Sale to Humanity: Thousands of Foster Children

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Corruption at its Finest


For Sale to Humanity: 30,000 Foster Children.

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

We have written several times during the past year about the moral and ethical violations which we believe occur by executives and administrators of many of the Foster Agencies who litter the landscape of Los Angeles like so many angles hiding behind pretenses of nobility and decency.

We can write one thousand, several thousand, – heaven knows a book – about the cheap and sordid behaviors that continue in the name of “…saving the children.”   However, we know it’s about egotism and enrichment.

The formula as previously stated goes something like this:

We shall reasonably care for the abused and neglected children in our care, and avoid any rule violations in our foster homes.  In return we shall be free to run our agencies as we choose, justifying expenditures of taxpayer money without too much scrutiny from auditors or politicians who will suffer should the extent of our malfeasance becomes generally known.

After all, no child is being harmed… and the government has tons of money, why shouldn’t I get mine?  It is a special type of arrogance common among many top Foster Agency heads which includes a belief that they are exempt from normal rules and ethics when it comes to the care of abused and neglected children.

So let’s get to the point.  It’s all public information after all.  One only needs look.  And remember this below non-profit agency is almost entirely funded through tax dollars.  By no means is it a private business.  And that is why these documents are so easily available.

The complete 2009 tax return for Futuro Infantil Hispano foster family agency is here:

This small excerpt below speaks volumes:

Salaries for non-profits should be perhaps %1.5  of revenue so something here is quite out of whack, and not uncommon as future articles will show.

Of special interest are the yearly salaries of Oma Velasco-Rodriguez.  In 2009 Oma Velasco-Rodriguez paid herself almost a quarter million dollars plus benefits. ($248,230)  And Oliver Castelleno paid himself $169,671.  I use the terms “…paid his and herself for a reason.  Both these individuals are on the Futuro Infantil Hispano Board of Directors that determines their pay and benefits.  The rest of the Board is made of other friends and cronies  and we truly doubt that the Mrs. Velasco-Rodriguez and Mr. Castelleno recused themselves when the compensation committee met, but such semantics really don’t matter.

For one thing, many employees seem to think that Mr. Castelleno has been mostly retired for several years.  We can find nobody who works at Futuro Infantil Hispano (and we spoke to several) who says they saw him at the office during the time of this tax return for more than a few hours a week.

A few hours a week for almost $ 200,000 dollars!  This does not particularly prove anything of course,  maybe he did a lot of work at home and attended many important conferences and meetings during this time, and that adds up to the 40 hours a week that is listed on the tax form.

Now compare for example, the salary of Mrs. Velasco-Rodriguez with that of Serenity Director Linda Kontis, (pg. 7)

the dedicated and prescient executive who practically begged the court not to return a child back to the parents who it appears now, will most likely be charged with murdering her.

Ms. Kontis earns a salary that is around a quarter of Mrs. Velasquez-Rodriguez and she also has an advanced degree which, should this be a private business mean little if the job gets done, but this is not a private business, and involves the care and treatment of abused and neglected children.

And many of these agencies are run by individuals who hold  only a high school diploma and so they must farm out a job below them to somebody who holds an advanced degree and will acquiesce to various machinations and deals with board members and others in the community.

Lastly, Serenity does have only about a third of the revenue of Futuro Infantil Hispano, and if this were a private business, this would mean something.

But it is not a private business, and we believe the taxpayer would receive the same services provided by Mrs. Velasquez and Mr. Castelleno for about a third of the almost half million dollars they receive yearly from county funds.

If we allow this to continue at Futuro Infantil Hispano and several other agencies, what else will we allow?

Does anybody really care?

(The post below is a recapitulation of the above but does add a bit of pertinent information)

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August 18, 2011 at 3:43 pm

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