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America Care Closing: The Contract will not be Renewed as of October 31.

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Many at the office had never seen the CEO and had never heard of another...

We will have more information soon but we wanted to get this out to you.  Foster parents at America Care Foster Family Agency have received written communication telling them the agency is closing.  We will try to get a copy of the letter which we are sure has little actual information.  What we do know is the contract is not being renewed and will be expiring at the end of October.  So what happened?  The county wised up?

Apparently America Care will try to merge with another hapless agency just as United Care did a couple of years ago with Wings of Refuge.  America Care will try to fight this and who knows … Foster parents will be in for a big surprise however if they fall for that “Seemless transition,” stuff which they’ll try and foist on the foster parent customers in order to keep their business.  The foster parents should know there will be more than a few people tramping through their homes in the near future.

Yet why merge?  What do these ethically challenged executives bring to the table for abused and neglected children besides their salaries?  Alicia Ciriani actually knows the business and probably can continue to help children but the rest of these miscreants?  Does anyone really  believe they have a calling?

Why should they continue to earn off the backs from abused children simply because they know the telephone numbers of the foster parents and have an office building?

Because honestly, they don’t have anything else to offer and we believe they should just go away and not accept anymore taxpayer 6 figure salaries. And one other thing, now that county foster parents have payments close to parity with foster agency parents, some may decide they prefer to have an occasional visit by a county worker rather than an agency nanny.

Anyways the entire 2009 tax form can be found here:   And it is always important to remember that the above salaries are always just the beginning of the story when it comes to wealth creation.

America Care was/is one of the bigger agencies in Southern California.

What set America Care apart from other agencies was several factors:

The CEO, who many referred to as “Ramsy,” and who was one of the founders was listed as the CEO at the agency but many employees had never actually seen or met him.  The ‘Ramsy’ also had several outside business interests (including a bankruptcy a couple of years ago which may have precipitated this) and whose wife generally runs the place has a mostly empty office, and individuals are discouraged from asking too much about him – questions like… where is the guy? (One ex employee noted the room would become silent whenever he asked this).

We also seem to remember a strange $800,000 out-of-state promissory note, that according to court documents, was issued just a few months prior to the bankruptcy – strange because who the heck would issue that type of note (at 10% if we recall) when finances were so in peril?  Maybe nothing…

Another member of the America Care team is an especially interesting case; as we can find nobody who works there who even knew who this guy is, let alone someone who earned a 6 figure salary toiling in the trenches, and making such a huge difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.  You would have to be helping children big time right?  In order to be earning that hunk of change.

I mean it’s one thing to rarely see the boss, but it is quite another when long time employees don’t t even know the guy exists.  True one person said they “may have seen him at a Christmas party…” Okay, that makes me feel better.  We are talking about a non-profit charity that cares and treats abused and neglected children…seems kind of strange huh?

We had heard unverified rumors that even Homeland Security wanted to know who the heck the guy was.  And we realize we are not in the ‘unverifiable rumors business,’ but it’s all moot apparently, since the place will soon be spreading the foster care wealth to other agencies.  Honestly, we wish we had gone with this stuff sooner but where does one start with all this mishmash?

Alicia Ciriani the executive director of America Care was known to work long hours getting to the office early in the morning and leaving late, and we imagine she may surface somewhere else as she did previously when she left Futuro Infantil Hispano under a cloud almost a decade or ago.

America Care was one of the first agencies to strictly use Contract Social Workers (as opposed to employees) and wouldn’t even take a meeting with a prospective social worker unless they could promise to bring (er..steal) foster parents and foster children with them from whatever agency the foster care social worker currently worked at and wanted to leave.

Alicia Ciriani has a cadre of loyal social workers, many whom had worked with her for a decade or more and we can only assume that many will probably follow to some other pre-planned location.  Although perhaps we are proffering too much credit.

America Care is also famous for employing contract social workers that work at as many as 4 or 5 other agencies and have many more than the 18 or so foster children which foster care social workers are allowed on their case loads.  The fiction is they get around this rule by working at agencies in different counties.

A uprorious and laughter filled staff meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm Friday that will feature long speeches of gratitude from soon to be ex-employees, and will also feature heartfelt apologies from the CEO’s et al, who feel the employees, foster parents, and Abused and Neglected Children’s pain all the way to the bank.

If history is any lesson, this meeting will be one of many fun filled occasions over the next several weeks while foster parents and social workers try to get the best deal they can for their valuable Abused and Neglected Children.  We can hardly wait for the employees call for transparency!   Can anyone spell “finders fee..?”

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