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The Business Of Child Abuse: The Good, The Bad, The Corruption

The Politics of Child Abuse: It’s Not Just Big Business

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The Politics of Child Abuse: It’s not just Big Business.

By Joshua Allen

There has been a lot of “to do,” of late about the courts willingness to allow the occasional reporter or two to witness the sausage making in what we enthusiastically call ‘Children’s Court.’,0,792213.column

The prospect throws various denizens of mediocrity into a tizzy with concerned outcries that allowing reporters and other media types in to see such skull and bones machinations may further damage the very abused and neglected children our revered system is designed to protect.

Attorneys representing the county, the children and the birth parents seem to object to media coverage as a matter of course. (Goodness that’s a lot of lawyers! How much does this all cost)?

One wonders if our tax paid attorneys are more afraid of shedding light on their occasional incompetence rather than any perceived damage to their clients, be it birth parents, abused and neglected children or the county interests which lay somewhere off to the side in another universe.

That is not to say it’s not a tough job they all have, trying to muddle through lies, fools and various reality constructs by parents who want to get their children back no matter what the cost.

Constant Birth Parent antics such as false allegations, outright lies and various other forms of skullduggery are unfortunately so common as to drown out legitimate complaints from those parents, and worse still their children, who are basically being “shafted” by the system.

It happens, just like every prison has some convicts who really didn’t do it.  However, and all too frequently, when it comes to such individuals the blame lies with everything and everyone but the person in the mirror.

But they really shouldn’t worry.  Attorneys and concerned child advocates types have little to fear from the rare visit by various media folks whose organizations find little pay off when allocating reporting resources.  It doesn’t really sell many papers or commercial air time you see.

So don’t worry guys, your mediocrity is safe.

And as usual, it’s the children who suffer.

Joshua Allen

Written by joshuaallenonline

March 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Posted in Child Abuse

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  1. you are so right on. I have a grandchild in foster care do to the system. my granddaughter should have been with me months I have to continue going to court to try and bring her home. the foster parents are seeking adoption knowing that my granddaughter has a family that wants her back at home, this has been since the day dcfs took her from us.9 months ago.God help us.

    patricia ortiz

    March 26, 2012 at 9:00 pm

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