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United Care inc…Doesn’t care much…

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The contract has been pulled at United Care, the foster parents have until June 31 to find another agency but I don’t think it will take most of them that long.  So does the $270,000 not have to be paid back now that they are closed?  How hard will the county try to get their money back?  Sell off some of the ratty computers?  How many secrets does this place have!  So help me understand, you get closed down because you didn’t monitor a home or a social worker and something terrible happens.  And because of this you get let off from the quarter million that walked away 3 years ago?

One of the ex foster parents reported that even yesterday management was calling them up and telling them to hold on.  Plan B is to merge with some other agency, work out the best deal for themselves.  A dozen or so homes can gross almost a million a year and just because the county shuts down your agency doesn’t mean you can’t go work at some other place or open up shop in another county.  It’s not that these people can’t do other things, it’s just that there is so much money involved.

Agencies are now running scared with all the anticipated new regulations and inspections.  If the county does the same thing as before and reads quarterly reports they are going to accomplish nothing.  Any fool can write what they want to see and believe me they do.  In the past the county seemed to think watching over abused children meant reports had proper format and a list of interventions that were documented but never done.  Hey I have an idea, how about speaking with the children for more than a few minutes?  Or even speaking the same language as the children when you do your mild interview to ensure the agency is doing what they should.

Some of the um… shall we say…least clean agencies… are really scared, and well they should be as the cash cow is in big trouble.  Maybe you shouldn’t be taking that extra 50 grand in salary this year.  You know, the money you’d have to pay back if they did a fiscal audit more than once a decade.

Maybe United Care bosses should be concentrating on telling all  (meaning the truth) rather than plotting how to hold onto the remaining foster parents.  One foster parent reported management said they wouldn’t be allowed to transfer.  Not true.

Oh and sorry about the delay, more to come that’s for sure.  The news reports have left a lot of stuff out.   Remember, follow the money.

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March 26, 2010 at 6:01 am

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