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United Care reported to be Joining with Wings of Refuge. Refuge for whom?

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United Care apparently plans to unite with Wings of Refuge, bringing about half the families over there as they jockey to create a position for themselves with the new agency, possibly as the generic “Consultant,” or some type of administrator title.  Wings of Refuge must be desperate to want to unite with these tainted child abuse workers.  For one thing, everything hasn’t come out yet, including culpability.  Another, will Wings of Refuge be on the hook for the missing quarter million or is that now a write off?  Who gets to keep the money!

The CEO is reported to be in Sacramento trying to speak with the Governor but that may just be more misinformation they are spreading to try to retain the families that are left.  It can’t possibly be good politics to meet with this guy.  Just ask the board of Supervisors.

What’s pathetic is they will probably succeed.  That a baby would still be alive if they had done their job properly, like monitoring the horrible home, or keeping check on the the foster care social worker, or maybe, just maybe, heeding warnings instead, apparently worrying about financial repercussions while they fought the county over paying back the money during the first hold…

If it is Wings of Refuge these guys are moving to, they’d better be prepared for more media scrutiny.  Beginning right here.

What about the money!

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March 29, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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