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They Knock me down but I Get Up Again. Foster Children find no Refuge:

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Craig Woods has been all over the media the last couple days, ABC 7 and KPCC after the Board of Supervisors pulled the plug.  The death of Viola Vanclief is everyone’s fault but United Care’s.  The house was checked by the county, why didn’t they find anything? He asks.

Maybe they have hand written paperwork to back it up or a few signatures here and there, but I don’t believe the home was visited unannounced 4 times the previous month by a United Care worker.  I don’t believe even half that amount unless you count the multitude of visits that happened after Viola’s death by hammer.

Now the bosses are moving the remainders of the agency to Wings of Refuge which must be fairly desperate to associate with these guys.  They had a secret meeting yesterday with the foster parents who haven’t made up their minds about where to go yet, or remain loyal for some unknown reason.  Some foster parent just got lost in the shuffle while social workers and agencies competed for their attentions.  One foster parent for example has been called by 4 different agencies who seem to be going up and down the foster parent list like a timeshare salesman calling leads.  And they say foster children aren’t chattel…

I wonder if the Board of Directors of the now defunct United Care foster agency understand they are most likely on the hook for the missing quarter million dollars that was never properly accounted for.  Of course I’ve never heard of Board members being held accountable for anything so why stop here?

I have to wonder if the United Care management plan to move Wings of Refuge to the United Care office.  Why are these people allowed to continue to work in foster care before the investigation is completed?

Let me get this clear; you run an agency that has so many child care violations, along with financial malfeasance, and the county finds this to be enough (finally) that they can actually close you down.  And all you gotta do is move under the umbrella of another pathetic struggling agency that needs the revenue from the clueless foster parents who stay by your side?  Just where does the buck stop with all of this?  Who is held responsible?  Anyone?   The agency isn’t totally at fault of course, but um…A baby has died…

Follow the money.

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April 1, 2010 at 1:50 am

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