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IF at First you Don’t Succeed, Consult! Dwindling Daze of United Care

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One of my readers has commented that disgraced United Care administrator Tamara Kamashko is now advising foster parents to join up with Homes of Hope FFA which is located in West Covina.  Perhaps the original plan of merging with Wings of Refuge isn’t working out?

If true, this would not be the first time that Sukhwinder Gill of Homes of Hope fame has chosen to work with disgraced FFA CEO’s and other assorted riff raff.

Several sources have reported that Joe Steinberg of Refugio Para Niño’s infamy was consulting with the Homes of Hope Organization the past few years while he was waiting to open up his new Child Abuse business, this time in Orange County.  (Were tax dollars paying these “consulting” fees?)

For those who may not recall, Refugio was originally closed after all sorts of misdeeds which included an annual salary well over $320,000, comingling of funds and paying a fundraising unit almost 3 quarters of a million dollars to raise around a third of that.  There was a bunch of other stuff like that and I’ll put the link to the audit here in case you want to see greater detail.

The point is it’s not all surprising to imagine either Craig Woods or Tamara Kamashko ending up with this other hopeful group, so it’s clearly something to watch for.

However, one has to wonder, exactly what is the expertise these miscreants bring to the table?  Some decent but misguided foster parents remain extremely loyal to these people long after their agencies have been shut down for malfeasance or worse.  A couple dozen foster families can be worth a lot of money to any agency they can be steered towards.

Yet the last thing anyone should think is that these folks fight to the death to stay in the business, or get out of foster-care-time-out because of a burning desire to help abused and neglected children.

The truth is foster care is the only thing they can do that pays!  They have no private sector skill that comes anywhere near approximating the multi-hundred grand salaries these undignified bedfellows pay themselves.

Real businesses need investors who do diligence, and don’t succumb like the county to a pretty proposal and a façade of multicultural gobbledygook along with 3 months operations money in reserve.  County bureaucrats aren’t usually associated with savvy investment.

Question:  If the County, and or State had enough legal recourse to shut down their agencies, how is it that tax money can still be used to pay them as consultants within the same non-profit industry?  Or do I have it all wrong?

Oh, and wait ‘till I tell you about the latest new “consultant,” to hit the town.  Unlike McArthur, these guys never fade away…

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April 20, 2010 at 10:49 pm

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  1. the public needs to know these kinds of details. No more foster care abuses. Please keep posting.


    April 21, 2010 at 3:45 am

    • All these FFAs are operated by criminals…that is the fact!

      Bob Harris

      July 11, 2012 at 9:57 pm

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