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The Business Of Child Abuse: The Good, The Bad, The Corruption

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The Business of Child Abuse

We have been away for a while taking care of some business overseas.   We are back now.  And despite threats of violence (which is very annoying), we plan on continuing the good fight.  The Business of Child Abuse working hand in hand with corruption continues unabated and apparently without significant investigation by those we entrust to do just that.  We have several finished articles that will be published in various places including here.

The publishers of this blog want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes.  We could not have done this the past year without you.  Articles written and viewed here have been republished elsewhere and read many thousands of times all over the world.  We can hope and pray that somewhere those in power hear the voices of these children we try with humility to speak for.

I received this letter awhile back and have permission to reprint.  The author wishes to remain anonymous.  I have removed references to the authors identity and made a few cosmetic changes to clarify things a bit.  The writer points are cogent and certainly true.  The author references something called Wraparound Services which is another service by the county made in the spirit of good intentions.  Like Family Preservation it leaves much to be desired but does do some good.

Again, we want to thank everyone for their support and good will.  And just a short message to those who make threats and oppose for obvious reasons our continuing to write the truth.  We’re baaack…

Joshua Allen

“Dear Joshua,

“…I worked for Refugio Para Ninos and United Care as a FCSW, (Foster Care Social Worker) and believe me, you are 100% right.  Some FFA (Foster Family Agencies) directors know each other very well because they worked together as FCSW’s, and eventually got their own FFA’s.  They know how to run their business, and advise each other.  They also know Senior DCFS supervisors for years, and can get away with inappropriate placements.  The FCSW is just another piece on the chess board which they move at their convenience, and when the FCSW is not willing to go along with their game, well, they just fire them.  Several times I had to take children away from abusive foster homes, but (The Director) could do nothing about it because he knew that I would move heaven and earth to make sure these kids were safe, so he just let me do the move.
I am no longer in foster care, but I worked for a while in Wraparound, and believe me, this is another gold mine for “non-profit” organizations.  The philosophy is to do anything it takes to maintain the family intact, but the name of the game is to bill as many contact hours with the family as possible to get the money.  A part of the program funds is supposedly for the family, but agencies make it (extremely difficult)  for the family to get the money, so most of it goes to workers’ salaries, and who know where else?

This agency I was working for advised the workers to speak as little as possible during county, DMH,  (Department of Mental Health) and parole meetings about the           work they were doing with the  families, and to never volunteer information for fear that these agencies (DMH, county, and parole) find out the poor job they were doing with these families.

Frustrated by the pressure to bill hours, I once told my supervisor that I had gone to school to serve families, not to accumulate billing hours. The following week I was called into the office, and was fired due to “not working within expected standards”.    The saddest thing of all is that these people are making a huge business with our children and families.

Thank you for telling it like it is.”

Written by joshuaallenonline

February 9, 2011 at 6:48 pm

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