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Teen Suicide in Transitional house.

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The suicide of a teen living in transitional housing several weeks ago forces us to consider some unanswered questions, but profoundly, one main question.  This teen female had recently given birth and was living with her child under the care of a group home.

1.  Why has this not been reported in any media accounts?  This is not simply a tragedy, this girl and her baby were under the care of contracted county officials.

2. She was described as lively, cheerful even.  She loved her daughter deeply.  She had access to therapy, social workers, a job…

3. We have no idea if there was any negligence of care whatsoever.  We are not implying there was.  But basically, we have this one question, and one question only…

Did anybody associated with the group home, or the (transitional house) tell this young mother that she was going to lose her baby?  Did anyone say to her that her baby was going to be placed into foster care, with a foster family separate from where the teen mother lived, in an attempt to influence the teen mothers behavior?   

Deaths in foster care happen.  Failure to thrive, stupid accidents, murder…It’s horrible, just horrible.

And we ask the question here, since nobody has asked this question in public, and it must be asked in public, if for no other reason then to teach helping professionals what not to do, let alone accountability.

Our heart goes out to all those involved.   *

Joshua Allen

The Business of Child Abuse

* We have intentionally not used any names, and will not do so at this time out of consideration for the family and because of the dearth of information regarding the circumstances of her death.

Written by joshuaallenonline

June 7, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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