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The Business Of Child Abuse: The Good, The Bad, The Corruption

There Are Children who Play to be Invisible

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Powerful Video

Disturbing of course.  The scary parent.  We get the message.

However, in Los Angeles County, there are a few different messages:

In Los Angeles County; Child Abuse does cut across all class and economic stratus. But, the children placed in Foster Care, do not.

In Los Angeles County; Victims of Child Abuse, do come from all races and religions.  But, those children whom are placed in Foster Care, do not.

The vast, vast – majority of children living in foster care, in Los Angeles County, are Hispanic, and African American.

One can argue about the reasons for this, but what is not up for discussion, are the demographics of foster care.  The statistics one this are quite clear, and easily available.

In Los Angeles County, the Business of Child Abuse, begins, and ends, with the Politics of Poverty, and Color.   And while this debate isn’t forgotten, it is ignored.

As if Big Government Foster Care was colorblind.

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Written by joshuaallenonline

September 24, 2012 at 8:25 pm

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