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Child Abuse For Dummies: How to Get your Child Back While Really Trying

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Child Abuse for Dummies: How to Get your Child Back While Really Trying

The Politics of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

DCFS Has “Taken your kid.”

(The Talk) 

When social workers come to your home to remove your children:

Put your shirt on before opening the door. And incidentally, how come your shirt is off every time a social worker comes to your home?

If social workers are taking your baby for neglect: Don’t light up a cigarette (or anything else) while they are there and your kids are crying. You can do that when they’re gone. Oh, and don’t make a scene, it’s not good for the children.

Now this is important:

Gather up as many clothes as possible so the social worker can put them in a garbage bag to bring to the foster home. It may be days before your children have a change of clothes. Foster parents should buy or have on hand some clothes right away. But they are busy the first few days, taking your kids to the doctor,specialists, enrolling into school or special needs, visiting shrinks, taking them to children’s court, the dentist, or the offices or a half-dozen other social workers, investigators or lawyers.

And… if your child needs any medicine please make sure the worker gets it before they leave. The latter is a big deal.

Don’t scream or act stupidly in front of the social workers, therapists the judge, anyone else, and especially your children. I know it’s hard, but Really;

Don’t yell, scream or cry!

It doesn’t help your cause. It will add more time to your separation, and frankly, haven’t you screamed enough?

Get the Emergency Workers phone numbers. The Emergency worker is the guy or gal who comes to your home with the cop to remove your children. They know you’re hurting, but be polite. You need their help to learn what your new friends want you to do.

Here is why;  More days than necessary will pass before your child is entered into the data base if the ER Worker is difficult. Nothing happens until your kids become a number in the system. Until then, you will be in limbo before anyone can tell you your child’s status, whom you should call, or where to visit your kids, where to take your classes, drug tests, find shrinks, – or do whatever else the county wants you to do. So be nice.

When you call your social worker (or anyone else), leave one message, or if you really must, two. Don’t do more. I know you want to, but don’t. Really, don’t. Every message beyond a couple is counter-productive. (That means it won’t do you any good).

Your phone message should be direct, clear and polite. Don’t complain, blame, or inventory your problems. It’s probably okay to say you’re concerned and want to do right by your kids. Be concise, leave contact info, (Be sure to have paid minutes on your cell phone), and express gratitude in advance to them for returning your call.

Faux (fake) or not, gratitude goes a long way towards helping your cause, if for no other reason then it differentiates you from all the other angry resentful buzz killers social workers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Remember, your goal is to learn what you need to do, (to get your children back), the best way to do it, where they are, and how frequently you can visit your children. Anything else is unpleasant commentary and won’t help you.

Visitation can be tricky.

Try to work with the foster parents and be reasonable regarding time and distance. If you insist on daily 3-hour-monitored visits close to your home (which will be monitored by the foster parent), your children will probably be moved to another home from the nice one the worker just found at 3:00 am last night. The foster parent just won’t do it. Nobody will.  And nobody beyond the judge – not even your children – want daily-3-hour-monitored-visits a week. This may be new, but try to understand what’s best for your children.

Think about it.

It can’t be good for your kids to be bounced to another home, right? You do get that? It happens a lot and it is just terrible for kids. Yes you want them back, (just like you wanted that rock). But think. The most important thing is to minimize their suffering through this ordeal which if your honest, is most likely your fault.

If the county worker or judge says ‘jump through hoops,’ do it. ‘Jump through hoops!’ Yes sir, no sir, do you want another sir? You know the drill – again, you do want your kids back right? Jump, twist, stand on your head…whatever. It doesn’t matter who is right, not this time.

There is no principle except to be with your children.

Don’t blame the County, the Social Workers, the Judge, the Foster parents, your children, their Teachers, their Doctor, your Neighbor, or ‘the System’ for having your kids ripped from their home. Everyone has heard it a million times and it’s usually a lie – Almost always. Even when it’s true you likely won’t be believed. Instead, look in the mirror. You’ll probably find your answers there.


If you have two dimes to rub together, GET A LAWYER! Do whatever it takes to get your own lawyer. I can’t stress this enough. If you wait for the one the county provides you’ll be waiting for your kids, maybe for a long time.  In life you get what you pay for, and that includes lawyers. This is not a time to be cheap. You want your children back? Repeat…Get a good lawyer, and pronto. Sell your possessions if you must, (the legal ones), but just do it.  Make the greatest sacrifices of your life.  It’s time.

Basically, the amount of money you spend to reunify with your children is inversely proportional to the amount of time they are away from you. There are many exceptions of course, but how often do you see wealthy kids in foster care?

If you must settle for the county provided attorney offered to you, then it is okay to break the above rule regarding leaving only 2 phone messages, since you may have to call a dozen times before getting a call back, (if you’re lucky).

You’ll probably meet that government provided attorney initially a few minutes before your first hearing at children’s court. And you won’t want to talk much unless they ask a question since they will probably be reading your file for the first time as will the judge the first minute they see your face. Your lawyer will need those precious 5 minutes to read your file before your hearing, so wait until they ask you something.

If you’re a man and you are supposed to stay away from the wife or the children whom you hit, (or worse) then Stay Away. Don’t sneak back to your lady/wife/partner/girlfriend/baby mama, even if she agrees. Yes, they often agree, ( I know, it’s terrible), but stop being selfish.

Take the monitored visits like an adult you are and do what you have to do to be back into your kids’ lives.

Follow the judges rules. Yes, the rules may be unfair, stupid, wrong, or more likely, were put there for all the right reasons. Will fighting court orders get your kids back faster? Has it ever worked for you before?

Go to the meetings, stay clean, and go to those anger management groups or family therapy. Do the 12 steps or whatever. They might work. What’s life without hope? 


Somehow keep your job, or get one. Clean floors if you have to. “Do the right thing.” And as I previously noted, keep your shirt on. (Actually that goes for ladies too, err… unless that’s your job I suppose). And if the county wants clean piss tests, well…do the impossible, stay clean. How much do love your kids? You keep saying it…

Oh, and don’t scare the social worker, the majority are females and often touchy-feely…they don’t respond well to loud words, anger, 20 phone messages, dozens of emails, lies, threats, resentment or generalized stupidity. And well…yes, occasionally the workers are nuts.

So remember; smooth sailing, that’s what it’s about. Therefore your best move is to be polite, kind, considerate and obsequious. (That means compliant or servile). As far as the system goes, a little honey goes a long way.

It’s unfortunate, but a lot of birth mothers seem to choose a perpetrators warm body in bed over being with their children.

You’re not one of those are you?

If the guy, baby father, boyfriend, husband – whatever – needs to stay away, make him stay away. Call the cops, if you have to move – move! If grandma isn’t allowed visitation then don’t sneak her to your home or to that monitored visit at McDonalds. And if you – yes you – are supposed to stay away until clean, then get clean.

By the way, you should learn to like McDonalds since you’ll be meeting your kids and the monitor there quite a bit. The place should charge a table fee for all the non-paying birth parents they have at their establishments every week. So be polite and buy the lunch for your kids instead of making the foster parent pay. They’re really not getting as much money as you think. And, well, it makes a good impression with both your kids and the foster parents whom you want on your side. (So they tell the social worker what a great parent you are).

When you visit your children, look decent, grooming goes a long way. Show up on time, be polite with the foster family, apologize to your kids, and hug them. Don’t argue with the worker or foster parents in front of them.

Don’t disparage the foster parents, and don’t tell your kids they are returning home right away when you have no bleeping idea. Don’t behave like a jerk in front of them, just stop that type of behavior and wake up.

Don’t tell your kids to lie about how bad the foster home is. It will further damage your children should they be forced to move to another home because of your thoughtlessness and stupidity. It won’t get them back one second faster. It will do the opposite. And everyone including your kids will resent you for it. That may not matter much to you but if you’ve read this far it probably does. And it really stinks.

Walk through Hell-Fire and Brick Walls to get your children back. Isn’t that what good parents do? If this means improve your character, get clean, take classes, get a job, stop tweaking, or find G-d. Then do all those things and really mean it. Show everyone, especially your children, you want to be a better parent.

Take responsibility, it will help you and your children. If you have a problem with the foster home, make a respectful concern to your attorney and the social worker. Don’t make stuff up about the foster home. It won’t speed up reunification and will probably delay it.

Hopefully you haven’t perpetrated too many unspeakable things to your children and they can forgive you. It happens so don’t give up hope. Children want to love their parents, they really do. Give them a reason to.

Don’t forget to apologize to your kids again, and take responsibility. Own it. When appropriate, hug them and tell them you love them. Thank all that’s good and decent for the second chance. There may not be a third, or fourth, or fifth…
And finally, and this is my own take on things and it won’t hurt;

It always helps to pray.

The Business of Child Abuse

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April 27, 2012 at 11:24 pm

Emancipated Teens – a Profitable Business when you Get the Contract. The Politics of Child Abuse

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The Politics of Child Abuse:  Emancipated Teens – a Profitable Business when you Get the Contract.

By Joshua Allen

Apparently the county has a difficult time monitoring the 12 contractors who administer the Transitional Housing Program for foster teens that remain in the system, and  are emancipated after graduating high school.  You can read the Daily News article (including the list of contractors) here: but the gist is this.

Auditor Controller Wendy Watanabe reported that half of the contractors, who were paid almost 25 grand a year per young adult, didn’t even bother to make the necessary reports to the county, let alone meet the educational and or vocational target goals for each individual.

Goals are a county obsession of late.   DCFS has an entire department called Quality Control that monitors reports to ensure they are written with requisite goals and include documented steps towards these goals attainment.

The formats on paper are very important. Agencies will agonize before any county or state audit to ensure that the correct sentences are written, in the correct way, and that the reports (on paper) meet compliance issues. The reports are scrutinized closely by auditors and written goals monitored step by step, just like an algebraic proof.

And occasionally the foster children and teens are even interviewed by the county or state auditor. 

But back to the first paragraph.  Half of these guys didn’t even turn in the paperwork!  Something such places are usually very adept at. Paperwork for some social workers is what they do best.

Transitional Housing is actually a pretty sweet deal.  You buy an apartment building, have an employee kind of, sort of, monitor the young adults – maybe find them a shrink or something if they ask…What the heck, they all have MediCal right?  Then you get something like a hundred grand or so for four people per year.

It’s really hard to get the foster youth into the program too, since there are so few spots (about 80 or so).  The foster teens must be in good standing, on the way towards a job or enrolled in college of some type.  But after that it’s up to them, the adult-youths-still-in-the-system really need to make a go of it, no problems with the law, continued employment or school enrollment…it’s a good deal and can last a couple years or a bit more while they land on their feet.

As stated, it’s a good program, and issue is not taken with the failure to meet unrealistic performance goals.  Social workers learn the hard way that it is not to their advantage to write about unmet goals in their reports since the aftermath entails a whole passel full of unanswerable questions.  G-d forbid!  And this unrealistic goal requirement is alluded to in the article.

12 contractors and half of them didn’t turn in reports.  Hmmm…Our County Supervisors and semi annual DCFS head don’t like this at all.

So the issue as I see it is this.  (Excuse the run on sentence but it works for me).  Where are all these non-reports for half of these kids, and how long has this non-reporting been going on, and why has this non-reporting been allowed to go on for so long, and who actually dropped the ball?

And if the County couldn’t monitor 80 or so people, what else in foster care don’t they monitor?

Joshua Allen

The Business of Child Abuse.

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March 29, 2012 at 8:30 pm

The Politics of Child Abuse: It’s Not Just Big Business

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The Politics of Child Abuse: It’s not just Big Business.

By Joshua Allen

There has been a lot of “to do,” of late about the courts willingness to allow the occasional reporter or two to witness the sausage making in what we enthusiastically call ‘Children’s Court.’,0,792213.column

The prospect throws various denizens of mediocrity into a tizzy with concerned outcries that allowing reporters and other media types in to see such skull and bones machinations may further damage the very abused and neglected children our revered system is designed to protect.

Attorneys representing the county, the children and the birth parents seem to object to media coverage as a matter of course. (Goodness that’s a lot of lawyers! How much does this all cost)?

One wonders if our tax paid attorneys are more afraid of shedding light on their occasional incompetence rather than any perceived damage to their clients, be it birth parents, abused and neglected children or the county interests which lay somewhere off to the side in another universe.

That is not to say it’s not a tough job they all have, trying to muddle through lies, fools and various reality constructs by parents who want to get their children back no matter what the cost.

Constant Birth Parent antics such as false allegations, outright lies and various other forms of skullduggery are unfortunately so common as to drown out legitimate complaints from those parents, and worse still their children, who are basically being “shafted” by the system.

It happens, just like every prison has some convicts who really didn’t do it.  However, and all too frequently, when it comes to such individuals the blame lies with everything and everyone but the person in the mirror.

But they really shouldn’t worry.  Attorneys and concerned child advocates types have little to fear from the rare visit by various media folks whose organizations find little pay off when allocating reporting resources.  It doesn’t really sell many papers or commercial air time you see.

So don’t worry guys, your mediocrity is safe.

And as usual, it’s the children who suffer.

Joshua Allen

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March 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm

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Foster Cares Golden Rule: As Usual it’s The Children Who Suffer

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As Usual, It’s the Children Who Suffer

By Joshua Allen

Calls to a few agencies have confirmed what we suspected upon first hearing about America Care closing.  Many foster parents are having difficulties transferring to whatever new foster care agency has won their business.  Previous overlooked violations, or waivers from things such as unsubstantiated allegations or difficulties on backround checks are suddenly in play.

Therefore it is by no means certain that some families will be allowed to continue to be foster parents. That the foster parents may have already dealt with the violations to the satisfaction of the county and state may not matter.  A previous waiver will probably need to be investigated all over by the county, and this will certainly cause a significant delay.

Some abused and neglected children who lived with foster parents for months or years may end up being transferred ( IE: Torn, ripped from ect…) to other homes, while the county seeks to judge the fitness of particular foster parents previously in good standing at America Care.

Some parents aren’t making the cut at all and their days of working with the system are apparently over.

The loser in all of this, of course, remains the abused and neglected children who have to leave foster parents they cared about and had bonded with.  Yet one can’t always blame the county, in some cases, for taking extra care that families remain fit to be foster parents from this now tainted agency.

The culpability for all this, of course, remains the former executives whose alleged misdeeds caused this huge disruption to children who have already suffered and probably don’t want to leave.

Try explaining to a 5-year-old that they must leave a home they lived in for a year because of something that happened months or years earlier.  Try to cheer a little girl up as she cries in the car while being driven to a new home. Make the best of a situation as you carry a toddlers belongings in a trash bag to the front door of a new foster home. Chat with the new foster parents for awhile, have them sign some paperwork, give a final assuring farewell to the child, and then leave and get on with your life.

Nice work if you can get it.

This remains a very tricky problem since the county rightly fears leaving any child in a home with previous violations, despite any remedy or solution the agency or even the county or state had imposed.  This will often not be in the best interest of the child, but the county rear end shall be covered. (The Golden Rule)  And our thinking on this matter has evolved since there are no easy answers, (such as appropriate relatives) which can accept the child.

So in the case of foster families on the fringe, and requiring a judgement call from the county regarding past issues, we can only urge the county and state to act as rapidly as possible before such foster child bouncing needs occur.


The Business of Child Abuse

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October 7, 2011 at 8:56 pm

America Care Raided by the FBI? Served with a Warrant.

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The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

A source close to America Care management has told us that the America Care main office in San Dimas was Raided by the FBI and served with a Search Warrant for accounting information and computers.  Reportedly, computers were removed from the premises by authorities.  The source also reported continued contact and inquiries with Homeland Security.

The FBI is involved because tax revenues for America Care,  as such revenues are to all foster care agencies, are paid through federal money.  Homeland Security apparently continues to be interested in the Ghost employee or employees.  And yet we still shake our heads.  Is any of this real?

It has gotten so bad for America Care executives that when they have any questions or concerns, and wish to contact the Department of Children and Family Services, they are referred to county council or basically, the lawyers representing the interests of DCFS.  Nobody else from the county is apparently allowed to speak with anyone from America Care.  Jeepers!

And that, is how serious this emerging scandal appears to be.  We were told by our source that she/he expects indictments of some of the main players in the near future.   That leads us to believe it will be for some type of yet to be determined financial malfeasance, (such as money laundering?) or as Gomer Pyle used to say… “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

We would love to verify this with the county and or get the official side of things, but we can’t.  Like America Care, all auditing inquires are being referred to the same county lawyer.

That a public taxpayer supported agency can hide behind lawyers and inapplicable confidentiality laws remains a travesty and mocks all of us.  The secrecy on this and other issues has become so bad that the Los Angeles Times has initiated a lawsuit to obtain information illegally withheld from us by the county.

You can read about the suit here, although it is not particularly related to America Care.,0,5104863.story   It is indicative of the their attitude towards the release of information that may be embarrassing to DCFS and or other county employees.


The past week the administrator Alicia Ciriani (who we don’t believe had much to do with the actual finances beyond looking the other way) sent a letter to America Care foster parents telling them a contract has been signed and that America Care will now be merging with Masada foster agency.

This is beginning to be a pathetic pattern. Originally the agency was merging with Alliance, then we heard Child Net, and now it’s Masada.  It reminds  me of Groucho Marx saying he would never join a club that would let him in.

And we would like to know how an agency such as America Care which will cease to exist in a few weeks can sign any type of contract?

Further, foster parents are free to go wherever they want and many of them  are accepting the direct and indirect financial enticements (such as a $1000 from Homes of Hope being offered to social workers) who are turning around and making their own arrangements with foster parents.  Homes of Hope recently got off a do-not-refer list and are especially hungry according to our source.  Eggelston is also actively involved with ‘recruitment,’ if you could call it that.

Oh, and Futuro Infantil Hispano continues to pay their top two executives Oma Velasquez-Rodriguez and Oliver Castelleno more than a half million dollars a year in salary and benefits. And we continue to have serious questions about how many hours per week Castelleno worked since many employees seemed to think he was mostly retired.

This “poaching,” of foster families by agencies is about one thing only. Money.  And while this is not a particularly astute observation, it is a pathetic one when considering this is all about the treatment and care of Abused and Neglected children.

We believe the only enticement a Foster Care Agency should be allowed when it comes to recruiting/stealing foster families from other agencies is a informational pitch or presentation to the foster parents showing them what a good job the new perspective agency does in helping Abused and Neglected children and the type of caring and diligent support they can offer the foster parents in helping the children.

You’ll excuse me if I leave to wash my hands.

*     *     *

We’ll keep trying to nail this down.  And thanks to all for your support.  We are deeply grateful.

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September 18, 2011 at 8:31 pm

We Now Know the Value of an Abused Child; $1000 dollars: Homes of Hope and America Care Foster Agency

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We Now Know the Value of an Abused Child: $1000 dollars: Homes of Hope and America Care

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Some America Care foster parents have received an interesting call from a social worker looking to leave and who hopes to bring the foster family over to Homes of Hope/West Covina Foster family agencies.

Homes of Hope/West Covina Foster agencies are essentially the same, featuring the same 6 figure salaried double dipping CEO Sukhwinder Singh.  We will have more to say about Homes of Hope and Ms. Singh soon, as well as their financials.

But back to the interesting calls:

Briefly, America Care foster family agency is losing their contract by the end of October, and the mostly absent and highly paid executives are doing everything they can to salvage their jobs and a large portion of their salaries by joining or merging with another agency rumored to be a place called Child Net foster agency.

One can only wonder what deals our mostly absent executives are trying to negotiate which would entice Child Net to maintain the nefarious trio in the lifestyle ‘to which they have become accustomed.’

Any agency will have to balance the dynamic trio soiled reputations, and decide if the embarrassing odor is worth the positive balance sheet, since as we know, embarrassing odor attracts flies, or in this case, county auditors.  (Are you listening Child Net)?

Uh…But back to the interesting calls.

What the America Care foster parent has told us is that Homes of Hope/West Covina Foster Agency has offered social workers $1000 dollars if they could get the foster families (including the abused children) to come to the new agency, and this particular foster care social worker has  offered to split this money with the foster parent who contacted us.

$500 dollars each!

Not a bad deal.  Heck, what’s one agency over another?   Suki (Homes of Hope) must really be feeling the satisfaction since others report that America Care and Homes of Hope originally had some type of family blood connection until the Caine and Able split.

So we ask as before, where is the county in this unseemly trash heap?  Because when it comes to the care of abused and neglected children, the free market has only one role period.

And that is to help repair the lives of the abused children; to repair their damaged world; to somehow make it more livable.  And this is clearly not the case.

But it’s all good, and it’s not about money of course.  Homes of Hope is said to be offering financial incentives to social workers, to bring foster parents to them, because of  their abundance of love and assistance they can offer the children.

You see it’s all about the children.

*          *          *          *

Authors Note:

We are still trying to find out exactly what precipitated the Counties decision to pull the contract from America Care.  What we cannot understand or abide is that this appears to be a secret.

It is our money, and as near as we can tell there are no applicable rules of confidentiality that must protect children.

We suspect it may have something to do with the Ghost employee.  We really must wonder if we were too quick to dismiss the link with Homeland Security as dumbstruck as this seems.

Bankruptcy, loans and promissory notes, the invisible man – is any of this stuff real?

The County clearly is afraid they will be sued so we are left to our own devices, which, for want of a better word – stinks.   And this is the one constant.  They don’t want a misstep.   They don’t want to be sued.

Maybe it’s the simplest thing, simple cruddy malfeasance.  If that is the case, tell us …  Just tell us.

We remind the County, this is a public contract, using public monies, it’s our money.

And neither the County nor America Care are exempt from public transparency and audit.  And we want to know, we demand quite frankly, how come this agency is being forced to close?  And who is hiding what?

And why?

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September 14, 2011 at 6:04 am

America Care Closing (MORE)

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This was published a bit over a year ago and we probably should have included it with the previous post.  The link and brief commentary below refers to the 2009 County Audit of America Care and as always we will try to find out more information and keep you informed.  You can find the complete audit at the link.

The case of America Care:

“A 2009 fiscal review found over $234,000 in unsupported or inadequately supported expenditures and over $86,000 in excessive salary payments to 3 individuals.  Now admittedly the former  has a lot to do with lousy paperwork (but not all by any means), and the latter…well, let’s see, over 86 grand in excessive salary to 3 people for one year for this single agency.  Extrapolate this by 5 years again and you have close to a half a million dollars!  Money meant for abused children.  And from a single agency for 3 well-connected individuals.  Sadly, whatever excessive salary the county can coerce them to return is apparently for that single year.  Now don’t forget, These people couldn’t even document their gas receipts! (But thank heavens they were responsible for children who were victims of crime, sexual abuse and parental neglect). America Cares a bit too much if you ask me, but for what?…”

Oh, and we are still trying to find out more on the Invisible Man…

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September 7, 2011 at 10:24 pm

America Care Closing: The Contract will not be Renewed as of October 31.

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Many at the office had never seen the CEO and had never heard of another...

We will have more information soon but we wanted to get this out to you.  Foster parents at America Care Foster Family Agency have received written communication telling them the agency is closing.  We will try to get a copy of the letter which we are sure has little actual information.  What we do know is the contract is not being renewed and will be expiring at the end of October.  So what happened?  The county wised up?

Apparently America Care will try to merge with another hapless agency just as United Care did a couple of years ago with Wings of Refuge.  America Care will try to fight this and who knows … Foster parents will be in for a big surprise however if they fall for that “Seemless transition,” stuff which they’ll try and foist on the foster parent customers in order to keep their business.  The foster parents should know there will be more than a few people tramping through their homes in the near future.

Yet why merge?  What do these ethically challenged executives bring to the table for abused and neglected children besides their salaries?  Alicia Ciriani actually knows the business and probably can continue to help children but the rest of these miscreants?  Does anyone really  believe they have a calling?

Why should they continue to earn off the backs from abused children simply because they know the telephone numbers of the foster parents and have an office building?

Because honestly, they don’t have anything else to offer and we believe they should just go away and not accept anymore taxpayer 6 figure salaries. And one other thing, now that county foster parents have payments close to parity with foster agency parents, some may decide they prefer to have an occasional visit by a county worker rather than an agency nanny.

Anyways the entire 2009 tax form can be found here:   And it is always important to remember that the above salaries are always just the beginning of the story when it comes to wealth creation.

America Care was/is one of the bigger agencies in Southern California.

What set America Care apart from other agencies was several factors:

The CEO, who many referred to as “Ramsy,” and who was one of the founders was listed as the CEO at the agency but many employees had never actually seen or met him.  The ‘Ramsy’ also had several outside business interests (including a bankruptcy a couple of years ago which may have precipitated this) and whose wife generally runs the place has a mostly empty office, and individuals are discouraged from asking too much about him – questions like… where is the guy? (One ex employee noted the room would become silent whenever he asked this).

We also seem to remember a strange $800,000 out-of-state promissory note, that according to court documents, was issued just a few months prior to the bankruptcy – strange because who the heck would issue that type of note (at 10% if we recall) when finances were so in peril?  Maybe nothing…

Another member of the America Care team is an especially interesting case; as we can find nobody who works there who even knew who this guy is, let alone someone who earned a 6 figure salary toiling in the trenches, and making such a huge difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.  You would have to be helping children big time right?  In order to be earning that hunk of change.

I mean it’s one thing to rarely see the boss, but it is quite another when long time employees don’t t even know the guy exists.  True one person said they “may have seen him at a Christmas party…” Okay, that makes me feel better.  We are talking about a non-profit charity that cares and treats abused and neglected children…seems kind of strange huh?

We had heard unverified rumors that even Homeland Security wanted to know who the heck the guy was.  And we realize we are not in the ‘unverifiable rumors business,’ but it’s all moot apparently, since the place will soon be spreading the foster care wealth to other agencies.  Honestly, we wish we had gone with this stuff sooner but where does one start with all this mishmash?

Alicia Ciriani the executive director of America Care was known to work long hours getting to the office early in the morning and leaving late, and we imagine she may surface somewhere else as she did previously when she left Futuro Infantil Hispano under a cloud almost a decade or ago.

America Care was one of the first agencies to strictly use Contract Social Workers (as opposed to employees) and wouldn’t even take a meeting with a prospective social worker unless they could promise to bring (er..steal) foster parents and foster children with them from whatever agency the foster care social worker currently worked at and wanted to leave.

Alicia Ciriani has a cadre of loyal social workers, many whom had worked with her for a decade or more and we can only assume that many will probably follow to some other pre-planned location.  Although perhaps we are proffering too much credit.

America Care is also famous for employing contract social workers that work at as many as 4 or 5 other agencies and have many more than the 18 or so foster children which foster care social workers are allowed on their case loads.  The fiction is they get around this rule by working at agencies in different counties.

A uprorious and laughter filled staff meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm Friday that will feature long speeches of gratitude from soon to be ex-employees, and will also feature heartfelt apologies from the CEO’s et al, who feel the employees, foster parents, and Abused and Neglected Children’s pain all the way to the bank.

If history is any lesson, this meeting will be one of many fun filled occasions over the next several weeks while foster parents and social workers try to get the best deal they can for their valuable Abused and Neglected Children.  We can hardly wait for the employees call for transparency!   Can anyone spell “finders fee..?”

The Business of Child Abuse

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For Sale to Humanity: Thousands of Foster Children

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Corruption at its Finest


For Sale to Humanity: 30,000 Foster Children.

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

We have written several times during the past year about the moral and ethical violations which we believe occur by executives and administrators of many of the Foster Agencies who litter the landscape of Los Angeles like so many angles hiding behind pretenses of nobility and decency.

We can write one thousand, several thousand, – heaven knows a book – about the cheap and sordid behaviors that continue in the name of “…saving the children.”   However, we know it’s about egotism and enrichment.

The formula as previously stated goes something like this:

We shall reasonably care for the abused and neglected children in our care, and avoid any rule violations in our foster homes.  In return we shall be free to run our agencies as we choose, justifying expenditures of taxpayer money without too much scrutiny from auditors or politicians who will suffer should the extent of our malfeasance becomes generally known.

After all, no child is being harmed… and the government has tons of money, why shouldn’t I get mine?  It is a special type of arrogance common among many top Foster Agency heads which includes a belief that they are exempt from normal rules and ethics when it comes to the care of abused and neglected children.

So let’s get to the point.  It’s all public information after all.  One only needs look.  And remember this below non-profit agency is almost entirely funded through tax dollars.  By no means is it a private business.  And that is why these documents are so easily available.

The complete 2009 tax return for Futuro Infantil Hispano foster family agency is here:

This small excerpt below speaks volumes:

Salaries for non-profits should be perhaps %1.5  of revenue so something here is quite out of whack, and not uncommon as future articles will show.

Of special interest are the yearly salaries of Oma Velasco-Rodriguez.  In 2009 Oma Velasco-Rodriguez paid herself almost a quarter million dollars plus benefits. ($248,230)  And Oliver Castelleno paid himself $169,671.  I use the terms “…paid his and herself for a reason.  Both these individuals are on the Futuro Infantil Hispano Board of Directors that determines their pay and benefits.  The rest of the Board is made of other friends and cronies  and we truly doubt that the Mrs. Velasco-Rodriguez and Mr. Castelleno recused themselves when the compensation committee met, but such semantics really don’t matter.

For one thing, many employees seem to think that Mr. Castelleno has been mostly retired for several years.  We can find nobody who works at Futuro Infantil Hispano (and we spoke to several) who says they saw him at the office during the time of this tax return for more than a few hours a week.

A few hours a week for almost $ 200,000 dollars!  This does not particularly prove anything of course,  maybe he did a lot of work at home and attended many important conferences and meetings during this time, and that adds up to the 40 hours a week that is listed on the tax form.

Now compare for example, the salary of Mrs. Velasco-Rodriguez with that of Serenity Director Linda Kontis, (pg. 7)

the dedicated and prescient executive who practically begged the court not to return a child back to the parents who it appears now, will most likely be charged with murdering her.

Ms. Kontis earns a salary that is around a quarter of Mrs. Velasquez-Rodriguez and she also has an advanced degree which, should this be a private business mean little if the job gets done, but this is not a private business, and involves the care and treatment of abused and neglected children.

And many of these agencies are run by individuals who hold  only a high school diploma and so they must farm out a job below them to somebody who holds an advanced degree and will acquiesce to various machinations and deals with board members and others in the community.

Lastly, Serenity does have only about a third of the revenue of Futuro Infantil Hispano, and if this were a private business, this would mean something.

But it is not a private business, and we believe the taxpayer would receive the same services provided by Mrs. Velasquez and Mr. Castelleno for about a third of the almost half million dollars they receive yearly from county funds.

If we allow this to continue at Futuro Infantil Hispano and several other agencies, what else will we allow?

Does anybody really care?

(The post below is a recapitulation of the above but does add a bit of pertinent information)

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As They Say; You Can’t Always Describe What is Obscene, but You Know it When You See It.

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The Business of Child Abuse Can Pay Very Well

Take a look at this image. It is page 7 from the 2009 tax returns from a modest sized foster agency called Futuro Infantil Hispano located in West Covina California. You will notice the salary of one person earning as much or more than the head of the entire Child Protective System. The salary of another, apparently goes to a man who is mostly retired but still earns close to $200,000 per year. Monies meant for the care of abused and neglected children. It is wrong, it is unethical, and it continues. What else will we allow if we let this continue year after year?

The entire 2009 tax return can be seen here:  We will post some of the more egregious examples from various agencies in the coming days.

There are several things terribly wrong here:

1.  The first is that we cannot find a single person (and believe me we asked) who can say that they saw Oliver Castellanos in either of the two Futuro Infantil Offices for more    than a few hours per week during the time outlined by this tax return.  Indeed, the employee consensus seems to be that he has been semi-retired for the past several years.  I guess  Mr. Castellanos works a lot from home to earn close to 2 hundred grand when everything is added up. ($200,000)

2.   Total salaries based on revenue for a non-profit should not be more than about 1. 5%.  However, this is close to what Oma Velasco-Rodriguez earns individually, or something close to a quarter million dollars (plus considerable benefits) is almost 5%!  Are we missing something here?  Remember this is all about the care and treatment of abused and neglected children.    At  this agency, we have well over a half million dollars per year for just 3 individuals.  And other years are pretty much the same thing which add up fast.

3.    An agency the size of Futuro Infantil should have about $20,000 to $30,000 of mileage expenses based on average travel of Foster Care Social Workers to and from foster homes.  Therefore I am very curious what the estimated $109,000 for travel expenses is all about.   A good agency will further have one or at most 2 company cars   (usually vans) to assist with various transportation needs.  However, this is a one time expense and still raises troubling questions since travel expenses year to year seem  fairly consistent and frankly, out of whack.

4.   Here is a link for an agency called Serenity, which we believe is being administered properly and takes to heart the best interests of the children.  It is an interesting study in contrast with tax return of Futuro Infantil Hispano,  and although Serenity represents revenues of only about a third of Futuro, they boast a salary structure for top administrators, as well as for overall  expenses, which is appropriately well in line with non-profit norms and best practices.   And it is important to note that just because Serenity has about one-third the revenue of Futuro Infantil, that doesn’t  mean that salaries at Futuro should be triple  those you see here.  And basically, they are.

This is the link:  Oh, and should you be inclined, which agency would you donate too?

5:  Salaries at Foster Family Agencies are determined by board members.  At least two of the above individuals at Futuro Infantil Hispano sit on the very board which determines their  annual pay.  Cronies and Employees together, as members of the Board setting salaries, setting policy, getting wealthy.

All at the expense of Abused and Neglected Children.  Does anybody really care?

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